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Lets promotion on the Internet and new ways with which to interact closely and more effectively than with customers in the methods of traditional promotion , and despite the fact that it might be interesting to you when planning a campaign promotions on the Internet, however, it means at the same time that you should be very careful in how to use such possibilities ; for example , it is possible that allows you to promote through e-mail messages to send your message directly to the public that it is your choice . However, the sending e-mails to people they did not request or send e-mail messages too much to those who request may adversely affect the reputation of your company .

Rating Web sites :
When talking about promotion and advertising campaigns through the Internet , it is useful to classify Web sites into two categories: sites that sell advertising services and sites that bought advertising services , and despite the fact that these two categories encompass some overlap of practice, both separate from the other and allows and useful ways to identify the roles that should be carried out by the Web sites .

1 – sites publishing the press :
We can call on the sites provide advertising services sites publishing the press , and rely on these sites to provide advertising services in exchange for some of the expenses. Although the ads provided by these sites include marketing messages , but they do not constitute the bulk of the primary site.

Examples of sites publishing the press as follows:

A – Access sites :
It is all the entrances and corridors to access the Internet user can use their normal . The central location of these sites to surf the Web by providing services such as the latest news or information regarding weather or search mechanism or a special register with the website . Include sites successful login – such as Yahoo, Excite – on some of the highest numbers rates of traffic on the Web, and allows these sites ads on a high degree of quality any user can see, as we find that targeted ads are included in the categories substantive evidence of its own web .

B – sites that rely on the contents:
Although these sites are not the size of the load that enjoyed by previous positions , some of the magazines on the Internet – such as www.salon.com – enjoys a broad base of readers. Includes sites that are based on content, which had the advantage of targeting widely magazines such as technical and Webmonkey World, Internet, and these sites attract advertising from companies targeting Internet professionals .

2 – marketing sites :
These Get Auto Commissions sites do not rely on advertising for revenue , but seeks primarily to the sale of the product. In fact , it may not be in favor of your company’s website marketed to be having any advertisements at all . It is the title of these sites is clear to us that the goal of which third-party marketing products marketed these sites do not bother to market other people’s products . It could be argued that most of the sites , retailers dealing in the field of e-commerce fall into this category .

3 – overlapping categories of Web sites :
These types of sites interfere with each other when one chooses the organizers of the marketing sites sell ads in a minimalistic , for example, when deciding responsible for a marketing sites with a limited marketing budget to join a private network tapes commercial advertising on the Web , they find themselves in this Status forced to offer such tapes ad on their site for the benefit of other members of the network , in contrast, will show the tapes of their own advertising on sites of other members .

Other examples of overlap when the officials of the site , which depends on the content declaration at the site of entry or the location of the sites with rates visit high , although the sites that depend on the content depends on advertising to reap revenue , they need to prepare ads for their own expansion mass base of readers.

In both cases, we find that the primary objective of both sites remains the same , which is the advertising industry , and it can be said in this regard that the e-commerce site , which is engaged in the field of tapes ad still runs on a marketing position slightly in the publishing press .

On the other hand , the sites that rely on Get Auto Commissions content sites is still a private publishing journalist working in the field of marketing with little .

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Get Auto Commissions

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Get Auto Commissions Has become a profit from the Internet and electronic marketing of the most important projects necessary in our society today , Hundreds of millions of users connect to the Internet every day from all over the world , and from this perspective we can exploit that opportunity and turn the Internet into an open market a diverse audience for the promotion of various goods and services , and to achieve high profitability behind it and deploy your project.

How can begin to create a site for marketing projects , goods electronically ?

We know that the Internet is an important source of information , but we know that she can be a source of gain for many , too?

Demonstrated by the so-called “electronic commerce ” which is the term given to the implementation of the operations and management of commercial activities related to goods and services by converting the data via the Internet , and through the establishment of a website to display goods and projects to be marketed .

Electronic commerce principles and rules

But go back to the basic question , which is how you can profit online ? Does not display the goods randomly ?

To achieve this , of course, do not have to have a plan , and this plan is made up of three sides of the triangle represent success and failure of any of these points lead to a weak chances of success of the project sales via the Internet, or what we will call it ” e-marketing ” .

The three points of the plan are:

First, develop a good product .

Second, a website dedicated to marketing .

Third: The marketing plan for your products court .

First, develop a good product :

Many believe that creating a good product process difficult to achieve , but we say that this is not true , Vongeh products that can be manufactured by yourself , and all of us possess special skills that distinguish it from others, and these skills , usually are not available to all, and often have these skills market , and from here you can use these skills to create a special product for your project , and whenever this product a distinctive and there a lot of competition in his field , the greater the chances of success of its marketing on the Internet .

The Internet makes your window open to the world , try to put all other languages ​​and cultures in mind when marketing , not shorten your products on a category or a particular market if you have the opportunity to showcase your product more broadly .

Before you begin, you must search for competitors in the same field , and set a schedule to assess the competition , and determine the value or comparative advantage , which is characterized by the product , and in addition to all of this should be higher than the level of your product the client’s expectations , and this is an important step to make this same client is marketing your product .

Second, the development of a website :

We come to the second step was the development of a website dedicated to the marketing of the product , and it should be considered to be all on-site urges visitor and stimulated to buy the product , and the formulation of the words are the most important marketing tool you have , the right words are turning visitors into customers , or have them go to other sites do not return never to your site.

The wording of the right words here are the foundation of your business , and how to convert the visitor to a client rely solely on the style to convince you , and the mental picture that emerges about his product , and the site must be non- amounts in its design and decoration , the more simple the better.

When creating a site visitor directly addressed , and specify the problem and talked about and view your product as if it is a perfect solution to this problem . Speaking about the product in detail , and must take into account that every word or title , or phrase you type in the site should suggest the quality of the product, and benefits the many and preference of this product for the rest of the solutions of competitors , it must be your words clear , accurate , non- exaggerated , in order to suggest a credible Get Auto Commissions The literal product.